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Steve and Bernie Jesik

In Spring of 2016, my father Bernie retired from the Pueblo Fire Department in Pueblo, Colorado after 26 years of dedicated and excellent service to our community. As my family and I were brainstorming what we could do for him to honor his career of service, I remembered several previous visits to JK’s website for tactical drawings. While navigating around the website I remembered seeing some of the testimonials that were specific to the customized artwork that JK had created. Right then I knew this was what I wanted to do for my father. I also knew that as a Pueblo Police Officer and SWAT Officer myself, I was going to greatly miss seeing “Dad” out on the streets on calls for service. Especially, when his engine company, E-4, would roll in for a SWAT briefing as I knew he and his crew would be just around the corner from the Op to have our backs if the need were to arise. 
I soon contacted JK by phone and explained how I would like for him to create a unique drawing of Dad and I to honor Dad’s firefighting career and our service together. After a few phone calls and e-mails later the plans were in place and the process began. During my and JK’s conversations, JK was very patient and thorough in explaining the process and what he needed from me to create the best finished product possible. I must say he was right on the mark! I scheduled a photo shoot for Dad and I around parts of Pueblo and then sent several options to JK to review.  
After deciding on the photo we wanted to use, JK went to work. When JK sent the first draft of his drawing back to me, I almost fell out of my chair when I opened the e-mail. The life-like, realistic detail in the drawing was absolutely astounding! It was hard to tell the drawing from the high resolution photograph I had sent to JK. The quality of the work was far beyond what I expected or hoped for even after having viewed dozens of other drawings on the Tactical Drawings website.
We recently presented Dad with the drawing at a celebration of his retirement and I must say his reaction was nothing short of priceless. After the emotions calmed and the drawing was passed around the room, continual gasps of awe and “Wows” were echoed by everyone in attendance as to the incredible talent exhibited by JK in the drawing. I know Dad will cherish this drawing for the rest of his days as will the rest of our family. I cannot thank JK enough for his time, patience, professionalism, and uncanny artistic talents! Dad’s drawing far exceeded the expectations of everyone in my family. Happy Retirement Dad, and many “Thanks” to JK!

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