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Eric DeRue


I have been a long standing fan of JK’s work, it started when I came across his “Minuteman” print probably 10 years ago, continued with his American Patriot Series, and expanded from there.

His attention to detail is meticulous and he pours himself in to his artwork striving for complete technical and tactical accuracy to honor the ones who were and are in those honorable jobs.

I would present a signed copy of “Minuteman” and “Jumpmaster” to retiring Service Members as personal gift.  Over the years, while collecting his art I became only a fan, a model, and a friend. I accumulated more of his incredible artwork, between my office and home I have 20+ pieces of his work.

What would always be found in my office was JK’s art and pictures of my family.  I retired after 30+ years of service, prior to, some of my colleagues approached JK about drawing a commissioned piece he combined both aspects drawing an amazing picture of my wife and I while attending a military ball. It was presented during my retirement ceremony, and there was not a dry eye in the room.

I am honored to have gotten to know JK over the years as more than just an artist, he is genuine.  Genuinely a man of God, genuinely an outstanding family man, and genuinely an American patriot.

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