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K9 Deputy Erick Maldonado

I’ve been assigned to Special Operations for over thirteen of my seventeen years as a deputy with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department as either a tactical operator with our SWAT Team or a handler with our K-9 Unit. 

During that time, I’ve seen many “tactical drawings” depicting SWAT operations or a handler and his dog that for me never captured the spirit of the individual.  

Recently, one our K-9 handlers lost his partner months after retiring him. Our K-9 Unit decided to honor the handler and his lost partner with a drawing by JK. I’ve known JK for many years through the time I spent on SWAT and he was the only person I knew who could deliver the story behind the picture. 

The handler and his family were moved when they presented the sketch and were grateful for the time and effort that was put into the drawing. They say that a “picture says a thousand words”, but a drawing by JK says much more. Thanks. 

Deputy Erick Maldonado
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Canine Unit

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